Understanding Sacred Geometry

“One thing becomes another, in the Mother, in the Mother, in the Mother…”

The foundation of sacred geometry involves a meditative exploration of the basic shapes that constitute our living experience, inside and out. Such an exploration reveals hidden meanings in shape and serves to deepen our reclaiming of matter (“Mother”) as Sacred.

From the Platonic Solids to the 4th-dimensional hypercube called a Tesseract, from the Pentagram and Hexagram to the lattices of creation we call the Flower of Life and Metatron’s Cube, we are secretly shaped and reshaped by these subtle energies. Delving into their mysteries for yourself reveals an ever-deepening well of gnosis that informs both our everyday sense of beauty and our unfolding pan-dimensional awareness.

In this course, we will cover…

What is the hidden yet inherent significance of shapes such as pentagrams, hexagrams, pyramids and spirals? These shapes are deep teachers of perception and natural creation no matter what other cultural ideas we have about them.

What is the Tale of the Prime Radiant, a creation story of All That Is as told by Sacred Geometry? Beginning with the most essential simplicity and following its course as it unfolds into the endless complexity of Creation.

How are the chakras related to Sacred Geometry? Exploring the Spiral Tree of the Heart and the energetic dynamics of how one chakra creates another.

How does a pentagram become a hexagram (and other enigmas of transformation)? Sacred Geometry is a great teacher in understanding how one thing becomes another, as in Healing, Manifesting and other forms of Empowerment.

Does Sacred Geometry hold the keys to other dimensions? Merkabas, the Fibonacci Sequence, and Golden Means/Spirals/Rectangles all offer tools for cultivating higher and lower dimensional awareness and communication.

How can I create Sacred Geometry? Using the simple tools of pencil, paper, compass and a straight edge, we will walk, step by step, through the creation of the geometric foundations of the All That Is.

What happens in this class? The class will be a mix of discussion and guided sacred geometry explorations using both visuals and hands-on experience. 

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